Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986025 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6025
402-559-1995 (Office)
402-559-1323 (Lab)
402-559-9543 (Fax)

Teaching Activities:
Dr. Wang lectures in Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHSC550) and Pharmaceutical Sciences I (PHSC570) in the professional program. At graduate level, he teaches in the Quantitative Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHSC845), Physical Pharmacy (PHSC885) and Nanoimaging and Bioimaging (PHSC848). In addition, he coordinates and teaches in Innovative Drug Delivery Systems (PHSC 851) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry for Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine (PHSC 852)

Research Activities/Interests:

  1. Macromolecular therapies for inflammatory diseases.
  2. Dentrotropic therapies for oral and craniofacial diseases.
  3. Targeted therapies for musculoskeletal diseases.
  4. Click chemistry for drug delivery and nanomedicine.
  5. Biocompatible polymers for biomedical applications.
  6. Prodrug design.

Recent Publications:

  1. Ren, K.; Purdue, P. E.; Burton, L.; Quan, L. D.; Fehringer, E. V.; Thiele, G. M.; Goldring, S. R. and Wang, D. Early detection of treatment of wear particle-induced inflammation and bone loss in a mouse calvarial osteolysis model using HPMA copolymer conjugates. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2011, 8, 1043-1051. PMID: 21438611.
  2. Lee, Y.; Liu, X. M.; Nawshad, A.; Marx, D. B.; Wang, D. and Reinhardt, R.A. Role of Prostaglandin Pathway and Alendronate-Based Carriers to Enhance Statin-induced Bone. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2011, 8, 1035-1042. PMID: 21438610.
  3. Wang, D. and Goldring, S. R. The Bone, the Joints and the Balm of Gilead. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2011, 8, 991-993. PMID: 21800906.
  4. Yuan, F.; Quan, L. D.; Cui, L.; Goldring, S. R. and Wang, D. Development of Macromolecular Prodrug for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Advanced Drug Delivery Review. 2012, 64, 1205–1219. PMID: 22433784.
  5. Killeen, A. C.; Rakes, P. A.; Schmid, M.; Zhang, Y. J.; Narayana, N.; Marx, D. B.; Payne, J. B.; Wang, D.; Reinhardt, R. A. Impact of Local and Systemic Alendronate on Simvastatin-Induced New Bone Around Periodontal Defects. Journal of Periodontology. 2012, 83, 1463-1471. PMID: 22420870.
  6. Yuan, Y.; Nelson, R. K.; Tabor, D.; Zhang, Y. J.; Akhter, M. P.; Gould, K. A.; Wang, D. Dexamethasone Prodrug Treatment Prevents Nephritis in Lupus-prone (NZB×NZW)F1 Mice without Causing Systemic Side Effects. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2012, 64, 4029-4039. PMID: 22886616.
  7. Liu, X. M.; Zhang, Y. J.; Chen, F.; Khutsishvili, I.; Fehringer, E. V.; Marky, L. A.; Bayles, K. W.; Wang, D. Prevention of Orthopedic Device-associated Osteomyelitis Using Oxacillin-containing Biomineral-binding Liposomes. Pharmaceutical Research. 2012, 29, 3169-3179. PMID: 22733150.
  8. Thiele, G. M.; Duryee, M. J.; Dusad, A.; Hunter, C. D.; Lacy, J. P.; Anderson, D. R.; Wang, D.; O’Dell, J. R.; Mikuls, T. R.; Klassen, L. W. Citrullinated Mouse Collagen Administered to DBA/1J Mice in the Absence of Adjuvant Initiates Arthritis. International Immunopharmacology. 2012, 13, 424–431. PMID: 22626832.
  9. Crielaard, B. J.; Rijcken, C. J. F.; Quan, L. D.; M. van der Pot, M.; Altintas, I.; van der Wal, S.; Liskamp, R. M. J.; Schiffelers, R. M.; van Nostrum, C. F.; Hennink, W. E.; Wang, D.; Lammers, T.; Storm, G. Glucocorticoid-loaded core-cross linked polymeric micelles with tailorable release kinetics for targeted rheumatoid arthritis therapy. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2012, 51, 7254-7258. PMID: 22692876.
  10. Jia, Z. S.; Singh, R. K.; Wang, D. Click Cyclodextrins for Biomedical Applications. In Click Chemistry in Glycoscience (Witczak, Z. & Bielski, B. ed.). John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ. ISBN: 978-1-1182-7533-7.

Dong Wang, Ph.D.
Dr. Wang