Kurtis G. Cornish

Kurtis G. Cornish
Curriculum Vitae

Professor and Vice Chair for Education
Courtesy Professor, Radiation Science Technology Division
School of Allied Health Professions
Ph.D. 1973, Wake Forest University
Specialty: Cardiovascular Physiology
Major Interest: Regulation of cardiovascular function and the reflex regulation of blood volume 

This laboratory is interested in the mechanisms that regulate cardiovascular functions, particularly the renal, hormonal and neutral mechanisms involved in controlling the volume of fluid in the cardiovascular system. Our studies use unanesthetized monkeys, because the monkey is closer to man in its control mechanisms than are quadrupeds. Instrumentation of the animals is performed under sterile surgical conditions, using surgical procedures practiced in hospitals.

Students in this laboratory learn to prepare and handle chronically instrumented monkeys and dogs and learn many other surgical procedures. The laboratory has modern equipment for recording physiological parameters and computer analysis of data and acquisition.
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Recent publications:

  1. Gao L, Wang W, Li YL, Schultz HD, Liu D, Cornish KG, Zucker IH. Simvastatin therapy normalizes sympathetic neural control in experimental heart failure: roles of angiotensin II type 1 receptors and NAD(P)H oxidase. Circulation 2005; 112(12):1763-70. PMID: 16157767.
  2. Liu D, Gao L, Roy SK, Cornish KG, Zucker IH. Neuronal angiotensin II type 1 receptor upregulation in heart failure: activation of activator protein 1 and Jun N-terminal kinase. Circ Res 2006; 99(9):1004-11. PMID: 17008603.
  3. Zucker IH, Hackley JF, Cornish KG, Hiser BA, Anderson NR, Kieval R, Irwin ED, Serdar DJ, Peuler JD, Rossing MA. Chronic baroreceptor activation enhances survival in dogs with pacing-induced heart failure. Hypertension 2007; 50(5):904-10. PMID: 17846349.
  4. Mousa TM, Liu D, Cornish KG, Zucker IH. Exercise training enhances baroreflex sensitivity by an angiotensin II-dependent mechanism in chronic heart failure. J Appl Physiol 2008; 104(3):616-24. PMID: 18079268.
  5. Liu D, Gao L, Roy SK, Cornish KG, Zucker IH. Role of oxidant stress on AT1 receptor expression in neurons of rabbits with heart failure and in cultured neurons. Circ Res 2008; 103(2):186-93. PMID: 18566341.