Annual Meeting


Athletic Performance Conference - October 11, 2014

Features best-selling author and former investigative journalist David Epstein

Breakout Session 1 (10:30 – 11:15)

Room 1004; The Science of Hydration: No Guts, No Glory! – Patrick Lambert, PhD, Creighton University

This presentation will examine the role of the gastrointestinal system in maintaining hydration during exercise and the detrimental effects of heat stress and dehydration on gastrointestinal function.  

*Room 1005; Exercise and Motivation: Is There a Best Strategy to Encourage Regular Physical Activity? – Anne Stanco, Innovative Wellness Inc.

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Less than half (48%) of all US adults meet the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines. While it’s well known that people who are physically active tend to live longer and have lower risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers, the number of US adults who are physically inactive is staggering. This presentation examines a strategy to encourage physical activity: a shift from an extrinsic to an intrinsic mindset. Hear examples from clinical practice on a powerful way to change behavior.   

 *Room 1006; Virtues of Play Health and Fitness – Kris Berg, Ed.D, UNO*

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The physiology of playing sports and games is contrasted with traditional aerobic fitness and games. 

*Room 1002; Nutrition and Athletic Performance – Christie Toland, Natural Grocers*

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Aside from training, nutrition may be the most important influence on athletic performance. However, in seeking a competitive edge, athletes are often susceptible to fad diets or supplements that have not been scientifically validated and can actually cause more damage than good. Luckily, there is much useful research to guide the exerciser toward optimum health and performance – naturally. 


Breakout Session 2 (11:30 – 12:15)

*Room 1004; Biomechanics & Clinical Practice: How Analysis of Human Movement Informs Rehabilitation – Jennifer (Jenna) Yentes, PhD, UNO*

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Biomechanics will be clearly defined and general examples will be provided. Specific examples from the State of Nebraska will be used to demonstrate how Nebraska is a leader in biomechanics, producing cutting-edge technologies and innovations that inform clinical decision making. 

*Room 1005; Value of Emotional Wellness –  Sandy Bikus, (Deb Brockmann) Mind Body Spirit*

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This mini seminar speaks to the value of emotional wellness in our challenging society. Never in our history have we been pushed to multitask as much as we are right now. Emotional wellness is often what we put on the back burner due to other pressing commitments. Come learn about emotional wellness and gain the tools to develop this important balance in your life.

*Room 1006; Environmental Regulation of the Human Exercise Response – Dusty Slivka, PhD, UNO*

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This presentation will discuss recent results from the UNO exercise physiology lab demonstrating the skeletal muscle response to exercise in different environmental temperatures. The possibility of temperature optimized training protocols to enhance physical performance or as a novel therapy for chronic disease will be discussed.

*Room 1002; The Benefits of Yoga –  Sarah Paasch, Karma Yoga*

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If you are not practicing yoga, you are competing at a disadvantage and missing an opportunity to enhance peak performance. Come learn about the benefits of yoga can be used to improve athletic performance—from increasing mental concentration and improving flexibility and balance to preventing common injuries and honing skills in a particular sport.

(* These breakout speakers have given us the permission to record their presentations.  These recordings will be available on the NPS website at a later date. David Epstein presentation will not be recorded)

(David Epstein's Keynote Address was not recoreded)