Vernier Physiology Outreach Resource Kit


Vernier photo
Verniers and Physiology Understanding
PhUn Day in Omaha, Nebraska

The Nebraska Physiological Society is committed to educational excellence and science outreach in Nebraska. In 2012, we were awarded an American Physiological Society Chapter Association Grant to purchase Vernier Data Acquisition Systems. Vernier systems are self-standing units which integrate numerous measurement probes used to measure cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromuscular functions. They are currently used extensively in K-12 science classrooms, enhancing hands on experimentation and physiological discovery.

The purpose of the Physiology Outreach Resource Kit is to provide Nebraska physiologists and K-12 science teachers with accessible technology for demonstrating, teaching and guiding basic physiological measurements in K-12 schools. Established programs of outreach by NPS members include annual APS Physiology Understanding (PhUn) events in Nebraska Schools. The Verniers have greatly enhanced the PhUn Day activities in Omaha schools this year. Karla Haack, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow and PhUn Day coordinator says,

"This was by far our best year ever in terms of participation- we had a total of 11 NPS member volunteers (2 faculty, 7 students, 2 post-docs) at a total of 3 schools over 4 days with a total of 361 students."

The Vernier systems were also the foundation of the 2012 Nebraska Science and Math Teacher Kick Start 3 Workshop held concurrently with the annual NPS Conference at Wayne State College October 6, 2012. Teachers from ESU I and 8 were challenged to learn ways to incorporate real time physiology measurements into their curriculum. Attendees were also provided Vernier software access and gift probes they could use in their schools and encouraged to use the NPS Kits as ongoing resources to support physiology education.

Additional uses for the kits include student mentoring for science projects, and perhaps even equipment loaning for teaching and student research.

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