Thomas R. Porter

Dr. PorterProfessor
M.D., 1984, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Major Interest: Cardiovascular Computed Tomography and Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Specialty: Echocardiography





Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Thomas R. Porter is a Professor of Medicine, Courtesy Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physology, Radiology, and Pediatric Cardiology, and the Theodore F. Hubbard, MD Distinguished Chair of Cardiology in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he serves as Director of Echocardiography Laboratory.  Dr. Porter received his Bachelor of Science from The University of Nebraska Lincoln and Medical Degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  He completed his internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship training at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.  He has also become level III trained in Cardiac Magnetic  Resonance Imaging and Cardiac Computed Tomography, and is Board Certified in Cardiac Conputed Tomography.

Dr. Porter has made significant innovative contributions to Cardiovascular imaging by utilizing ultrasound contrast for myocardial perfusion imaging in both pediatric and adult patients.  As well, finding therapeutic applications of ultrasound contrast agents (microbubbles) for the acute treatment of stroke, acute coronary syndromes, and catheter-related thrombi.  Dr. Porter is extremely active in research and continues to receive funding for national research grants which number over 50.  He has authored over 170 peer reviewed manuscripts, over 100 abstracts, and holds 18 patents for his work with microbubbles.

Dr. Porter has received many honors and awards during his career.  He was selected for Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, and is a Chancellor Scholar at UNMC.  Since 1997, he has annually received the UNMC "Top Teacher" award in internal medicine.  In addition to his dedication to research, teaching, and patient care, Dr. Porter has trained several students and residents, and continues to mentor several young doctors to help them develop successful careers that combine research, education and excellent patient care.

 Scientific picture

Recent publications:

  1. Wu J, Xie F, Kumar T, Liu J, Lof J, Shi W, Everbach E C, Porter TR. Imporved Sonothrombolysis from a Modified Diagnostic Transducer Delivring Impulses Containing a Longer Pulse Duration. Ultrasound Med Biol   PMID 24613551
  2. Shillcutt SK, Montzingo CR, Agrawal A, Khaleel M, Therrien SL, Thomas WR, Porter TR, Brakke TR. Echocardiography-Based Hemodynamic Management of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction: A Feasibility and Safety Study. Echocardiography 2014;00:1-10. PMID 24660834
  3. Kutty S, Wu J, Hammel JM, Abraham JR, Venkataraman J, Danford DA, Radio SJ, Lof J, Porter TR. Prevention of Arterioveneous Shunt Occlusion Using Microbubble and Ultrasound Mediated Thromboprophylaxis. JAHA 2014 in press. PMID 24518555
  4. Gao S, Zhang Y, Wu J, Shi WT, Lof J, Vignon F, Drvol L, Xie F, Muirhead D, Powers J, High R, White M, Porter TR. Improvements in Cerebral Blood Flow and Recanalization Rates with Transcranial Diagnostic Ultrasound and Intravenous Microbubbles Following Acute Cerebral Emboli. Invest Radiol 2014 in press. PMID 24691139
  5. Unger E, Porter TR, Lindner J, Grayburn P. Cardiovascular drug delivery with ultrasound and Microbubbles. Adv. Drug Delivery Rev. 2014 in press. PMID 24524934