UNMC Postdoctoral Pathway to Independence Award

One of the objectives The Office of Postdoctoral Education is to facilitate postdocs’ timely transition to an independent career. Such transition on the part of a scholar requires early preparation, the ability to define career objectives within their chosen area of research, productivity (e.g. demonstrated by manuscript production), fellowship with other scholars, and independence within the laboratory environment.  


UNMC postdoc scholars during their first three years of training, beginning with the time of appointment. 


  1. One page narrative on your career goal (in academia, industries, government, public policy, or alternate careers such law), planning, strategy, and a timeline. Please substantiate with a rationale for your chosen goal as it relates to your preparation and accomplishments. Applications which do not adhere to 1-inch margins, 12-point font size, and single-spacing will be rejected.
  2. One page narrative on your best first-author publication, describing the background, the gap of knowledge it strives to fill, and how it advances the field. The narrative must not be a rehash of the introduction and discussion of the paper but should be written to communicate science to lay readers. Applications which do not adhere to formatting specifications of 1-inch margins, 12-point font size, and single-spacing will be rejected.
  3. CV should be included using NIH format.

Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation, preferably from the current mentor, critiquing the candidates career objective, preparation, and scientific contributions/accomplishments.  Not to exceed 2 pages.

Other Considerations

  1. First-author publications.
  2. Fellowships and grants.
  3. Any additional/exceptional activities outside of those offered by the Office of Postdoctoral Education that helps your career goal.

Application Form