Salary & Benefits


UNMC has a minimum salary policy for freshman postdoctoral scholars, which is determined ever year based on the NRSA recommended salary and national survey of cost of living in Omaha. Please contact our office for the minimum salary for the current year.

Health and Life Insurance Benefits

Postdoctoral research associates/fellows and research associates working at a rate of 0.50 or greater are eligible to enroll in the health insurance and life insurance programs. 

Long Term Disability

Postdoctoral research associates or fellow and research associate working at a rate of 0.50 or greater are eligible to enroll for long term disability coverage through UNMC. 

Retirement Program

Postdoctoral research associate or fellow and research assistant personnel are NOT eligible to participate in the University of Nebraska Basic Retirement program (401A), however they are eligible for the Supplemental Retirement Account (403(b) ).  All regular "other academic" employees (research associate) who have met the preliminary age, service and employment status requirements or have any of these unfilled requirements waived by the Board and are working at a rate of 0.50 FTE or greater are eligible to participate in the Current Service Retirement Benefits programs of the University of Nebraska.  The standard Policies and Procedures of the University of Nebraska Medical Center shall apply.