Photo I.D. Card

All faculty, staff, students, house officers and volunteers are required to wear a photo ID card when on UNMC property.  .The Human Resources database (SAP) is the definitive and only source of information for University employee I.D. cards. The PAF Coordinator within the employee's department must enter new postdoc information (or changes) into SAP before an I.D. card can be issued. This information will appear in the I.D. card system the next business day. We will take a photo and immediately issue a card if the postdoc information has been entered into SAP and appears in the I.D. card system. Otherwise, no card will be issued. Paper forms are not accepted. The name, division, and department information that appear on the I.D. card cannot be changed by the Photo I.D. office. Contact the PAF Coordinator within your department if changes are necessary. 

You must show a valid driver's license, government-issued photo I.D., or passport in order to obtain an I.D. card.  ID cards will not be sent through campus mail.   ID website, click on UNMC employees for more information.