Center for Biosecurity, Biopreparedness, & Emerging Infectious Diseases


Center Staff


Research Interests

Philip Smith

Biopreparedness and Biocontainment, Infectious Diseases in Long Term Care Facilities, Hospital Infection Control

Marsha Morien

Health information exchange, visualization and machine learning, personal health records, and health outcomes and comparative effectiveness research.  Her current research includes the following: Evaluation of health information exchange, Early indicator surveillance models, In Vivo robotic telesurgery mini-robots for diagnosis and therapeutics for all echelons of military medical care, In Vivo surgical robotics for long-term space flight, Comparative effectiveness of laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery, Impact of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities on surgical technology adoption and usage, Prospective registries of clinical data, Medical text annotation

Pete Iwen


Steven Hinrichs

Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer, Animal Models of Molecular Disease Mechanisms, Infectious Diseases, Informatics and Electronic Information Systems

Angela Hewlett

Healthcare Epidemiology and infection control, complicated bone and joint infections, biopreparedness