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Department of Epidemiology


Name  Summary / Research Interest
Amr Soliman, MD, PhD
Chair and Professor
Cancer, cancer epidemiology, international health, developing countries, special populations, field methods.
Lorena Baccaglini, DDS, PhD
Associate Professor
Clinical research, evidence–based medicine, systematic reviews, epidemiological methods, genetic epidemiology, oral and systemic diseases, wound healing, growth factors, head and neck injuries
Debora Barnes-Josiah, PhD
Assistant Professor
Identification and prevention of infant and child mortality. Racial and ethnic disparities in maternal and child health. Prevention of poor pregnancy outcomes and neonatal mortality
Robert Chamberlain, PhD
Research Professor
Cancer, cancer epidemiology, international health, developing countries, special populations, field methods
Leslie Elliott, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor
Occupational and environmental health, with an emphasis on respiratory disease. Health effects of volatile organic compounds in indoor environments and bicyclists’ exposures to particulate matter. Adult-onset allergy and epidemiological methods.
KM Monirul Islam, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections. Global infectious disease epidemiology. Epidemiology of colorectal cancer. Occupational health. Program Evaluation.
Peter Iwen, MS, PhD
The development and optimization of molecular assays for the identification of microbial pathogens with an emphasis on the detection of emerging fungal and bacterial pathogens. Collaboration with bioinformatics researchers to develop curated databases that can be used with different molecular platforms for identification purposes.
Lina Lander, ScD
Associate Professor
Identifying sources of occupational injuries and musculoskeletal trauma. Case-crossover study design methodology and applications. Medical errors and adverse events.
Tricia D. LeVan, PhD
Associate Professor
Genomic Medicine, Genetic Epidemiology. Gene by environment interactions in COPD and Asthma. Functional genomic studies. Genetic and epigenetic influences of pathogen colonization in the lung.
Kalpana Panigrahi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Pinaki Panigrahi, MD, PhD
Pathogenesis of Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of the G.I. tract, international health, human research protection and clinical trials
Philip Smith, MD
Biopreparedness research, development of biocontainment patient care unit, hospital environmental cleaning assessment, nursing home infection control research.
Shinobu Watanabe-Galloway, PhD
Associate Professor
Psychiatric services research with focus on adults with serious mental illness and of childhood mental disorder early intervention.


Adjunct/Courtesy Faculty

Ayman El-Mohandes, MBBCH, MD, MPH
Dana Loomis, PhD
Angela Hewlett, MD
Ted Mikuls, MD, MSPH
Anne O'Keefe, MD, MPH
Sudhir K. Satpathy, MBBS, MD, MSc.


Kate Watkins, MPH
Masters Trained Epidemiologist
Melanie Wells
CEESP Program Coordinator
Daphne Baber
Kate Kusnerik
Administrative Staff





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