In November 2001, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Survey Unit was contractually transferred from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). Originally under the jurisdiction of UNMC’s College of Medicine, the Survey Unit was relocated to UNMC’s College of Public Health in 2007.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, Survey Research Center has extensive experience in conducting ongoing surveys (e.g., BRFSS, ACBS, Adult Tobacco Survey, and Nebraska Behavioral Health Consumer Survey) as well as point-in-time surveys (e.g., CPPW, social marketing surveys, community needs assessments).  This extensive experience in survey research and in executing the BRFSS includes working with diverse research surveys and hard-to-reach populations.

Evidence of the Center’s pursuit of excellence in the collection of quality health data is demonstrated by consistently high response rates for all contracted studies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ranked the Nebraska BRFSS landline response rate in the top five nationally Consistently, with response rates between 61.8% and 73.8%.

The Survey Research Center is specifically designed to conduct survey research and has demonstrated experience in working with multi-mode surveys (e.g., telephone, mail, and web) as well as multi-lingual surveys (e.g., English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese). Center staff is committed to conducting high-quality research utilizing statistically sound and industry accepted best practices.

The SRC Call Center is equipped with cutting-edge technology for conducing survey research; including capacity for up to 58 interview stations furnished with WinCati Interviewer Software (v4.2). Supervisory staff computers also utilize WinCati Supervisor (v4.2), Sawtooth Ci3 (v2.6.16), UltraVNC, Tapit Call Accounting Software, SPSS (v21), SAS (v9.3) and STATA (v12).



Program Manager

  Roméo J. Guerra, M.A.
  Phone: (402)540-6249
  Email: romeo.guerra@unmc.edu

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