JD/MPH Dual Degree

JD/MPH (Juris Doctor/Master of Public Health)

The JD/MPH program is designed for students who desire specialized expertise and training in public health law.  Public health, public policy, and biomedical ethics issues are at the forefront of American’s unresolved social problems.  Ongoing efforts at health care reform by policymakers are expected to increase demand for lawyers with health care expertise to generate legal solutions to issues of health care access, quality, patient protection, and privacy.  The built environment is also emerging as a significant factor in health prompting fresh attention to city planning and land use regulation.  Occupational injuries continue to plague American’s workforce.  Environmental degradation threatens the health of future generations.  Lawyers play a central role in society’s approach to these issues.  However, their effectiveness may be limited by inadequate knowledge of public health and health care systems. Similarly, public health professionals often have a rudimentary understanding of the legal systems. 

A dual JD/MPH degree program can prepare graduates for leadership in the myriad of public health issues confronted by society.   Graduates of this dual degree program will be equipped to work in a variety of public interest arenas such as governmental agencies, legislative bodies and advocacy groups.  They may also seek commercial or industrial employment, in hospitals or manufacturing settings, or in universities. 

MPH Concentrations areas:

  • Biostatistics
  • Community - Oriented Primary Health
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Policy
  • Health Promotion
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Public Health Administration
  • Social Marketing and Health Communication

Curriculum Outline

A student in the dual degree program must successfully complete the first-year curriculum at the College of Law (COL) beginning in the fall semester of the academic year for which the student is admitted before taking any public health courses.  The student may then take both law and public health courses in a sequence that meets the approval of the COL and the COPH. 

The degree programs as they stand alone total 138 credit hours (JD=93, MPH=45).  The JD/MPH is a 123 credit hour program that allows students to share 15 credit hours between the two programs to meet the academic requirements of each individual program.

For more information on this program, see the College of Law website.

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