MPAS/MPH Dual Degree

MPAS/MPH (Master of Physician Assistant Studies/Master of Public Health)

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies/Master of Public Health (MPAS/MPH) dual degree program with a concentration in Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) aims to provide Physician Assistants with the knowledge, tools, and skills to enhance their public health practice in the community orientation of health services. 

The focus in COPC constitutes a bridge between individual clinical care and public health in which the focus is the community.  It is a practical model for the delivery of health care with a purpose to rationalize, organize and systematize existing health resources through interventions at the community level.  The dual program curriculum consists of 27 hours of Master of Public Health core courses, (including 6 hours of Service Learning and Capstone work), 12 hours of COPC concentration courses, 63 hours of MPAS didactic courses and 57 hours of MPAS clinical education/clerkships.

Concentration Area:

Community Oriented Primary Care

The MPH concentration in community-oriented primary care (COPC) is designed to provide students with knowledge, tools, and skills in community orientation of health services, necessary for the application of the COPC approach. The COPC approach integrates clinical individual care and public health, allowing both actions to be implemented and carried out by a single team. The conceptual framework of COPC and the curriculum of this concentration are oriented to the implementation of community health care programs as a component of public health.

12 credit hours from these courses:

CPH 551

Community-Orient Primary Care: Principles and Practice

3 cr hrs

CPH 552

Opportunities and Challenges in the Application of COPC

3 cr hrs

CPH 626

Health Information and Surveillance for Public Health Practice

3 cr hrs

CPH 545

Health Disparities and Health Equity

3 cr hrs

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