PhD Student

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research
Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Reducing Health Disparities
College of Public Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center


  • 2009, Master of Science in Health Promotion, Mississippi State University
  • 2007, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Eastern University

Research interests

  • Health Literacy
  • Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health
  • Immigrant and Refugee Health
  • Women’s Health and Health Care Access

Selected Presentations

  • Kelley, M. & Svoboda, C. 2013. Evidence-Based Public Health:  A course in chronic disease prevention.  Developing and Prioritizing Program Options. Omaha, NE, June 26.
  • Kelley, M. 2013. Poster Presentation:  The Nebraska Oral Health Access for Young Children Program - A Model to Address Oral Health Disparities in Urban and Rural Settings. Institute for Healthcare Advancement 12th Annual Health Literacy Conference, Irvine, CA, May 8.
  • Kelley, M. 2012. Healthy Mouths, Healthy Smiles.  New Americans Leadership Academy Training Series, Office of Health Disparities & Health Equity. Lincoln, NE, April 21.
  • Kelley, M. & Sheldon, J. 2011. Developing the Nebraska Oral Health State Plan.  Nebraska Oral Health Community Meeting Series.  Gering, NE, September 20.
  • Kelley, M. & Pierson, P. 2011.  Intimacy in Long Term Care.  Nebraska State Unit on Aging Annual Meeting Ombudsman Training.  Lincoln, NE, April 20.
  • Lowe, D. & Kelley, M.  2010. Region IV Cultural Competency Training.  Region IV Behavioral Health Services.  Norfolk, NE, September November 8-9.
  • Hines, M. & Kelley, M. 2010.  National Standards on Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services.  Training for medical team at Family Health Services.  Lincoln, NE, September 9
  • Kelley, M. 2010.  The Flu and You.  Rural Pandemic Flu Community Training Series. North Platte, NE, July 16.
  • Kelley, M. & Svoboda, N. 2010.  Health Literacy Conversation Group.  Health Literacy Training Series, Lincoln Literacy Council.  Lincoln, NE, June 17 – July 22.
  • Hall, M. & Kelley, M. 2007-2008.  Mississippi in Motion Training Series, MSUCares Program at Mississippi State University.


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Megan Kelley

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