Program Coordinator/Communications Specialist

Center for Preparedness Education
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Public Health

Professional Summary 

  • 2013-Present, Program Coordinator/Communications Specialist, Center for Preparedness Education, UNMC
  • 2009-2013  Research Laboratory Technician, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Creighton University
  • 2011-2012  Graduate Assistant, Center for Preparedness Education, UNMC
  • 2005-2010  Patient Care Technician, Medical/Surgical/Orthopedics, Nebraska Medical Center
  • 2008-2009  Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • 2012, MPH Epidemiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • 2009, BS Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Professional Interests
Ms. Kassmeier is helping to convert several of the Center’s programs to online courses, which offer continuing education to several health care and public health professionals. In addition, she manages the Center’s social media sites and website, as well as the marketing materials for center programs.  She has published research involving Nebraska Home Health Agencies and their disaster preparedness plans. Through various opportunities, she has been able to continue to enjoy serving and helping people.

Selected Publications

  • Kassmeier, MD; Medcalf, S; Hansen, K; Smith, P (2013). A Survey of Nebraska Home Health Agency Disaster Preparedness and Pandemic Plans; Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 
  • Nganga, VK, Palmer, VL, Naushad, H, Kassmeier, MD, Anderson, DK, Perry, GA, Schabla, NM, Swanson, PC (2013). Accelerated progression of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in emu-TCL1 mice expressing catalytically inactive RAG1. Blood, doi:10.1182/blood-2012-08-446732 
  • Kassmeier, MD; Mondal, K; Palmer, V; Raval, P; Kumar, S; Perry, GA; Anderson, DK; Ciborowski, P; Jackson, S; Xiong, Y; Swanson, PC (2012). VprBP binds full-length RAG1 and is required for B-cell development and V(D)J recombination fidelity; The EMBO Journal; 31: pg. 945-958. 
  • Palmer, VL; Kassmeier, MD; Willcockson, J; Akhter, MP; Cullen, DM; Swanson, PC (2011). N-acetylcysteine increases the frequency of bone marrow pro-B/pre-B cells, but does not reverse cigarette smoking-induced loss of this subset; PLoS One; 6(9):e24804.
  • Hassaballa, AE; Palmer, VL; Anderson, DK; Kassmeier, MD; Nganga, V; Perry, GA; Parks, KW; Volkemer, D; Swanson, PC (2011). Accumulation of B1-like B cells in transgenic mice overexpressing catalytically inactive RAG1 in the periphery; Immunology; 134(4): pg. 469-486. 
  • Fusby, JS;  Kassmeier, MD; Palmer, VL; Perry, GA; Anderson, DK; Hackfort, BT; Alvarez, GK; Cullen, DM; Akhter, MP;  Swanson, PC (2010). Cigarette smoke-induced effects on bone marrow B cell subsets and CD4+:CD8+ T cell ratio are reversed by smoking cessation Influence of bone mass on immune cell response to and recovery from smoke exposure; Inhalation Toxicology; 22(9) pg. 785-796.

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