PhD Programs

PHD programs

The College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center achieves its goals of scholarship in education, research, and practice, through innovative thinking, community needs assessment, program and policy development, and evaluation. The College of Public Health strives to create environments that foster collaboration between students, faculty, and the community to promote and sustain healthy communities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.
Pursing your PhD at the University of Nebraska Medical Center ensures that you will have the opportunity to learn from a diverse faculty who demonstrates academic leadership in their fields and share their expertise with our students and community partners. The College of Public Health collaborates with the UNMC Graduate Studies Office to offer training in specialized disciplines of epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, toxicology, health behavior and health promotion, health services administration, and health policy. Graduates from the University of Nebraska Medical Center are the strongest evidence of excellence in the quality of our programs. Our alumni are confidently achieving leadership roles in the field of public health.



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