Program on Health Care Reform

Program Leader: Keith Mueller, Ph.D.


This program is involved in health care legislation issues, especially the nationally ongoing healthcare reform. An informal group of experts has been formed at UNMC (the "Thursday Group"), which is resource to others on campus, the community, and policy offices engaged in health reform discussions.  The College of Public Health will continue to provide forums for discussing the implications of health reform.  Research and policy analysis is being completed through the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI).  A multi-university consortium (Iowa State University, the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska), RUPRI focuses on American rural areas and their impacts on public policies and programs. 

RUPRI's Center for Rural Health Analysis focuses on the health aspects of rural America in relation to policymaking. Ongoing research projects, in collaboration with the College of Public Health, can be viewed at RUPRI.  These include, but are not limited to, research related to Medicare Part D and Health Planning in Wyoming.

Other goals that this program is looking to achieve include making health reform more of a priority in the College of Public Heath Grand Rounds series. To date, the College has held three colloquium series on Health Care Reform. Major health reform topics presented and discussed have included a general discussion of the current developments and initiatives for health care reform; the policy, research, and practice of medical homes; and employer-based wellness programs. Presenters have included practitioners, researchers, and local business leaders.