Program in Inter-professionalism

Program Leader: Ruth Margalit, MD

Over 40 inter-professional faculty, staff, and students have been involved in the last 5 years in a grassroots Inter-professionalism Initiative (IPI) - exploring ways to promote a value-based caring culture across the continuum of education and care, and creating opportunities for inter-professional discussions regarding patient care. The group has chosen Professionalism as a virtue to focus and drive its message. In January of 2006 the group agreed on a mission statement:

"The group is set to advance Professionalism at the University of Nebraska Medical Center - by strengthening inter-professional communication; enhancing appreciation of the human experience in its diverse manifestations; and promoting stewardship of human, environmental, and institutional resources. Our group fosters an integrative approach to professionalism throughout UNMC operations, management, education (both formal and informal), research, and community service".

The group has developed several educational projects and research regarding student professional development, including supporting the Inter-professional Education (IPE) / Quality Day which began in February, 2008. The IPE/Quality Day is now an annual activity for the UNMC community, piloting a mutual learning experience for students from the various health professions at UNMC, including Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health professions, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Public Health.