Service Learning/Capstone Experience Overview for MPH Students

Are you ready for your Service Learning/Capstone Experience?

A Simplified, MPH’s Student’s Guide to Service Learning/Capstone Experience through the Service Learning Academy

What you stand to gain from your Service Learning/Capstone Experience:
The Service Learning/Capstone Experience component of your MPH program will:

  • Give you an opportunity to integrate theory with practice.
  • Give you an opportunity to provide community service.
  • Provide experience with organizational management styles.
  • Help you develop/enhance interpersonal skills.
  • Provide access to data/projects for theses, dissertations and/or publications.
  • Provide exposure to contacts for future employment.
  • Provide work experience/define career objectives.
  • In some cases, provide a stipend/wage for service provided.

Your service learning/capstone experience will benefit the placement site by providing:

  • An opportunity to formalize a partnership with the University; links site to University-based research and data expertise/resources.
  • Assistance in identifying/recruiting future public health personnel.
  • Additional human resources to accomplish work in core public health functions and essential services.

Your service learning/capstone experience will benefit the University and faculty by providing:

  • An opportunity for research.
  • A source of current information about public health practice.
  • An opportunity to assess currency/sufficiency of curriculum.
  • An opportunity to provide community service.

Contact SLA
Service-Learning Academy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
986075 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68198-6075


Ruth Margalit MD - Director
Phone: 402-559-7458,


Laura Vinson - SLA Coordinator
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Cole Boyle
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