Survey Research Center

Survey Research Center

Survey Research Center
The purpose of the UNMC College of Public Health, Survey Research Center (SRC) is to design and conduct survey research using industry best-practices, providing for the analysis and distribution of statistically optimal quality health data.

The most salient outcome of the SRC is the collection and processing of public health data in accordance with specifications of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More specific, the SRC is designed to conduct all aspects of the survey research data collection process, from designing and mailing pre-notification letters, to completing landline and cell phone interviews, to conducting non-respondent follow-up surveys by mail and web.

The mission of the Survey Research Center is to assist in the planning and design to collect high-quality health data for academia institutions; federal, state and local agencies; private and public industries; and non-profit organizations.

Program Manager

  Roméo J. Guerra, M.A.
  Phone: (402)540-6249

Or contact:
  Survey Research Center
  985600 Nebraska Medical Center
  Omaha, NE  68198-5600
Phone: 888-866-7354
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Requests for SRC services may be made by contacting the Program Manager.