Strategic Goals for 2013-2014

College of Public Health 2013-14 Summary Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals:

July 1, 2013

Goal 1: Strengthen our student-centered culture, educational quality, and student preparedness.

Goal 2: Enhance the research portfolio development of junior faculty.

Goal 3: Create an effective global presence for the college.

Goal 4: Develop a public relations strategy that demonstrates the value and role of The College of Public Health.

Goal 5: Strengthen cultural awareness, justice and respect.

Goal 6: Enhance COPH Information Technology.

Goal 7: Streamline job classification process, complete career paths and improve communications about career paths.

Goal 8: Establish processes for effective and efficient internal (COPH) communication.

Goal 9: Create leadership and management skill expectations and evaluative processes that effectively and safely capture staff and faculty input.