Building Facts

Fast Facts on the Maurer Center for Public Health

Unique facts:

  • When it became fully operational in 2007, the College of Public Health was the first new college at UNMC since 1968.
  • UNMC’s College of Public Health is rapidly expanding to offer new programs for students and current public health professionals.
  • Estimates are that 250,000 more public health workers will be needed by 2020.
  • Only 50 of the 134 academic medical centers in the United States have accredited public health colleges.

Building namesakes: The building is named after UNMC Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D., and his wife Beverly.

New home to: UNMC College of Public Health

Location: South of Dewey Avenue on the east side of 40th Street

Cost: $15 million

Size: 62,600 square feet

Building features:

  • Technologically enhanced smart classrooms
  • Designed to encourage collaboration between departments
  • Space for community engagement


  • Omahans Ruth and Bill Scott gave the lead gift
  • Eve & Fred Simon
  • The Carruth J. Wagner, M.D. Foundation
  • Gail & Mike Yanney
  • Richard D. Holland
  • Robert D. Sparks, M.D.

Health expertise:

  • Bio-security, preparedness and emerging infectious diseases
  • Environmental health and toxicology
  • Global health
  • Health policy and rural health research
  • Humanities and ethics
  • Reducing health disparities
  • Rural health education network
  • Statistical analysis and tracking health professionals