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Mobile Emerging Technologies and Population Health Outcomes Research (MetaPhor)

Program lead:
Dr. Ashish Joshi M.D., MPH Assistant Professor, Center for Global Health and Development and Department of Health Services Research Administration, College of Public Health, UNMC

The objective of this consortium is to foster collaborations among academia, industry, health departments and community organizations. The program aims to utilize innovative mobile technologies for implementing multifaceted interventions to support disease prevention, monitoring, referral and management. The program is aimed to support global, national and local public health needs by designing and evaluating novel informatics approaches for improving overall health and well being of populations.


  • Interactive Medical Technologies Corporation

InterActive Medical Technologies Corporation’s mission is to nurture trust through inspired relationships - one person, one product, and one medical facility at a time. We select each product and support its distribution with educational models and programs to enhance the challenges of each physician for; time sensitive testing to diagnose and provide treatment effectively, and provide utilization models to meet medical provider insurance contracting demands.