About Us


The mission of the Center for Health Policy is to improve the public’s health in Nebraska by generating and disseminating interdisciplinary research and objective analysis of health policies. Since its launch in March 2012, the Center has made its impact on Nebraska by producing research that improves health policy decisions, facilitating communication among stakeholders in health policy, enhancing the role of UNMC in promoting the health of Nebraskans, and supporting the educational initiatives of UNMC in health policy.
The expertise of CPH faculty and staff includes: health policy, health economics, systems change, social determinants of health, health services research, and social demography. 

We offer the following services through the CHP:

1.  Policy Research design
2.  Analysis of existing databases and surveys
3.  Qualitative data analyses
4.  Secondary research (library, internet, syndicated)
5.  System dynamics and simulation modeling
6.  Economic modeling, cost effectiveness, and cost benefit analysis
7.  Policy impact evaluation
8.  Translational research
9.  Communication of policy analysis
10.  Scientific writing and editing
11.  Presentations on policy research and issues