North Omaha Community Care Council

North Omaha Community Care Council


To improve the health and well-being of adults, children and families who, work, live, worship and do business in the north Omaha community. Through collaborative efforts and improved communication, the council will seek to achieve greater access to affordable and quality healthcare, education, information, resources and services for the north Omaha community.


To help the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Nebraska Medical Center promote ethnic diversity and cultural understanding essential to fulfilling the mission of this venture, to improve the health of Nebraskans through premier educational programs, innovative research, the highest quality patient care, and outreach to underserved populations.


  • To increase access to UNMC
  • To assist the North Omaha community
  • To engage with the North Omaha community
  • To challenge UNMC to meet the needs of the North Omaha community

NOCCC current programs 

    Youth Programs
    • ALL STARS Program at Sherman, Kennedy, Fontenelle and Franklin Elementary Schools
    • Youth Health Career Exploration Program at North High School and Monroe Middle School
    Adult Programs
    • Health education and screening projects with Omaha Housing Authority
    • Collaboration with Omaha Asthma Alliance on asthma education in the North Omaha Community
    Senior Adult Programs
    • Collaboration with ENCAP to provide educational seminars for senior participants on various health issues identified by the group

Past NOCCC programs

  • Partnership Ideas Network-Computer Workshop Project
  • New Community Development, Entrepreneur Project
  • Kidz Explore
  • Great Plains Girls Scout Summer Program
  • Young Parents Project, UNMC College of Nursing
  • Southern Sudan GED Program
  • Annual Bicycle Safety Rodeo