Core Projects

Core Projects

Outreach Program- Director Deb Romberger, MD
Research Core- Director Todd Wyatt, PhD
  • ADMA: A Novel Mediator in Organic Dust-mediated Allergic and Non-allergic Asthma-
    PI: Todd Wyatt, PhD
  • Surveillance of Agricultural Injuries in the Central States Region- PI: Risto Rautiainen, PhD
Education Core- Director Aaron Yoder, PhD
  • Addressing Safety and Health Education Needs of Non-traditional Family Farms-
    PI: Shari Burgus, MEd
  • National Agricultural Safety Database-
    PI: Charles Schwab, PhD
 Prevention Core- Director Shawn Gibbs, PhD, CIH
  • Preventing Hearing Loss among Farmers by Point-Source Hearing Protection Strategy-
    PI: Chandran Achutan, PhD


Pilot/Feasibility Projects and Emerging Issues Program- Director Eleanor Rogan, PhD

Pilot Projects:

  • Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Balance, Stress, and Recovery among Farmers-
    PI: Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD
  • AgHealth Nebraska: a novel preventive health services model for Nebraska farm families-           PI: Matthew Beacom, MD
  • Emergent, Re-emergent, and Persistent Issues in Agricultural Safety and Health in Nebraska and the CS-CASH Region- PI: Murray Madsen
  • Grain Dust Exposure in the Allergic Lung- PI: Jane Schuh, PhD