CS-CASH Outreach

The CS-CASH Outreach Program is designed to develop and implement model and innovative educational, and intervention programs promoting agricultural health and safety for agricultural workers and their families.

The CS-CASH Outreach program has focused its work in year one on creating and distributing educational materials related to increasing the understanding of lung problems caused by agricultural dusts and promoting the use of personal protective equipment (masks and respiratory systems) in dusty work environments. Using social marketing strategies, we have designed flyers aimed particularly at corn and soybean growers that promote the use of masks and have distributed them electronically via e-mail to over 14,000 farmers and ranchers. 

Respiratory Protection Flyers
Save Your Breath Flyer
Aflatoxin Flyer
Hearing Protection Flyers
You Are Going to Miss It! Flyer
How Loud is Too Loud? Flyer

 In 2013 flyers, technical brochures, sample PPE and respiratory storage bags for masks were distributed at 13 agricultural shows and exhibits in 8 states.  In collaboration with AgriSafe Network we have also created four short videos now available on You Tube that give practical advice about selecting the right mask for the right job, getting the right fit and how to properly care for masks. These videos were distributed to producers via e-mail and available via links on the CS-CASH website.

 FFA students with respiratory protection storage bags at Husker Harvest Days  

 We have created the CS-CASH Community Contact Network (CCN) of public health, extension, agribusiness, producer and grass-roots organizations and individuals with an interest in promoting agricultural health and safety. The CCN serves as a portal for getting educational materials and updates on emerging issues into the community and currently has over 900 contacts. We utilized out CCN to address an important issue this fall harvest season when, in collaboration with AgriSafe Network, Iowa Center for Agricultural Safety and Health and the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health, we created and distributed information related to potential dangers with aflatoxin in harvest dusts. 



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