Customized Workforce Tracking Systems

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Meeting the needs of healthcare demands for underserved and disadvantaged populations is challenging and a major area of concern for state officials, educators, policymakers, researchers, industry leaders and the general population.  The absence of an effective healthcare workforce information system hampers efforts to address future shortages and measure the success of programs implemented to tackle these disparities.  Quality information is a critical asset to every organization. 

The State of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska Medical Center  were faced with similar issues.  Consequently the Health Professions Tracking Service (HPTS) was developed.  The HPTS has been crucial in determining future supply and demand trends, identifying assets, detecting shortfalls, facilitating strategies and promoting sophisticated forecasting.

Entities benefit from the HPTS's professional service with customized surveys, a robust, secure comprehensive relational database; equipped with customized reporting and mapping capabilities -- by taking advantage of a highly successful program with a decade of development. This centralized repository provides the foundation to:

  • Accurately inform and influence policy decisions.
  • Monitor Federal and State programs implemented to increase retention.
  • Promote sound decisions and positive reform in the education, training, regulation and management of health care professionals.
  • Bring attention to workforce shortages, geographic distribution and other pressing concerns.
  • Raise awareness of issues such as diversity, cultural competence and our aging population that have impact across the health profession landscape.
  • Identify new recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Provide reliable information for effective grant applications.
  • Improve the coordination of services for proper referrals.
  • Bolster the capacity to rapidly deploy and retrieve critical information to streamline effective preparedness efforts.
  • Produce standardized quality data for geographic information systems.
  • We welcome the opportunity to assist your state, local government or hospital in launching customized information maintenance services to enhance workforce planning and disaster preparedness.


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