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The department has been deeply involved in community engagement activities in conducting and translating research. For instance, working together with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, department faculty and staff established the Nebraska Public Health Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) in December 2009. The Nebraska Public Health PBRN is one of 12 state Public Health PBRNs currently funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to produce and disseminate research relevant to public health practice settings. A steering committee was established in February 2010 to provide strategic guidance and direction on the development and operation of the Nebraska Public Health PBRN, which includes representatives from local health departments, state health agencies, the Public Health Association of Nebraska, the Nebraska Association of Local Boards of Health, the UNMC College of Public Health, and other community organizations.


  • Health Services Research Design and Data Analysis
    • Design
      • Data collection through surveys, focus groups, data retrieval and analysis, interviews, observation, secondary sources; includes fee-for-service use of department resources (equipment, software on site)
      • Developing appropriate analytical models given the constraints of the data
    • Analysis
      • Appropriate techniques given the nature of the data, both quantitative and qualitative
      • Mixed Methods
  • Economic Analyses
    Members of the Department will conduct studies using techniques of economic analysis to assess the impacts of programs and the provision of care on health care practices, patients, communities, and the state.
  • Geographic and Spatial Analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Health Professions Tracking Service
    • Customized workforce tracking systems
    • Mailing lists, data files, rosters, maps, or statistics
    • Directory of Nebraska and Western Iowa health care resources
  • Nebraska Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
    • Telephone surveys

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