HSRA Faculty & Staff


 Name  Summary / Research Interests
John Adams PhD, MBA, MA
Associate Professor
Distance education strategy and strategic cognition, governing board development and effectiveness and inter-organizational relationships, consultations with a variety of organizations in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development
Ward A. Chambers, MD
Health economics, payment reform effects on utilization patterns, workplace wellness strategies, patient education and utilization, home monitoring
Li-Wu Chen PhD
Professor, Chair
Health economics, health insurance, health care access and utilization, health care cost and efficiency, cost-effectiveness analysis, public health service and system research 
Keith Hansen MBA
Crisis management, crisis leadership, disaster planning
Ashish Joshi PhD, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Human-centered geovisualization, multifaceted informatics interventions to support chronic care, computer-mediated health education and health promotion, mobile health and telehealth, technology evaluation and health outcomes
Jungyoon Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor
Organizational changes and workforce issues in long-term care settings; influence of organizational structural setting on employee job outcomes, such as job satisfaction and employee turnover intent; organizational change outcomes, such as readiness to or commitment for change, in long-term care; how innovation is diffused or implemented throughout the health care systems and organizations
Ge Lin PhD
Associate Professor
Geographic information systems, spatial statistics, disease and health outcome surveillance, spatial demography, and spatial data integration
Marsha Morien MSBA, FHFMA, FACHE
Health information exchange, visualization and machine learning, personal health records, health outcomes and comparative effectiveness research, evaluation of health information exchange, early indicator surveillance models, in vivo robotic telesurgery mini-robots for diagnosis and therapeutics for all echelons of military medical care, in vivo surgical robotics for long-term space flight, comparative effectiveness of laparoscopic surgery versus open surgery, impact of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities on surgical technology adoption and usage, prospective registries of clinical data, medical text annotation
Preethy Nayar, PhD
Assistant Professor
 Assessment of health care provider performance, including quality and efficiency, access to care for rural/ underserved populations, care for the chronic critically ill patient, and health workforce planning
Alice Schumaker, PhD, MS, MPA
Associate Professor,
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
 Health policy, organizational behavior related to health care delivery networks, effectiveness of health reform policies
Jim Stimpson PhD
Associate Professor
Health Policy, Health Inequalities, Social Determinants of Health, Transportation
Hongmei Wang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Socioeconomic determinants of health and economic evaluation of health care programs and medical intervention strategies, particularly how individual choices, organizational schemes, and sociocultural structures collectively influence population health and health care systems; the protective effects of social capital on health outcomes and health-related behaviors; evaluating and examining the effects of community intervention strategies on promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors and reducing obesity
Nizar Wehbi, MD, MPH, MBA
Assistant Professor
Process improvement and measuring efficiency of health care services, health care quality management, role of strategic planning in health care organizations and governance, wellness programs evaluation, health policy analysis 
Fernando Wilson, PhD 
Associate Professor
Health policy and services, health economics, traffic safety, immigrant health and access to care

 Research Associates:

Name Summary / Research Interest
Ann Fetrick, RN, MC, PhD Quality improvement; health services such as dual care, transitions in care, reliability in health care services provision, international health, maternal/child health, personal health record, electronic health record
Neng Wan, BS, MS, PhD Using GIS and spatial methods to understand and solve environment/health problems, access to health care, health disparities, environmental exposure, mobile health

Health Data Analysts:

Name Summary / Research Interest
Anh Nguyen, MS Access to primary health care services, medical home, quality of care
Kelly Shaw-Sutherland, MPA Social determinants of health; social/public policy analysis, with a focus on place-based policymaking, social networks, multi-sectoral research and collaboration, and population-based studies

Administrative Staff:

Denise Howard, Office Associate
Kathy Minikus, AS, Accountant
Sue Nardie, BJ, Editor

Health Professions Tracking Service:

Judith Andresen, Project Assistant
Marlene Deras, BS,Administrator
Elizabeth Fiala, Project Assistant
Roxanne Jessen, Data Associate
Amanda Lind, Project Associate

Survey Research Center:

Sharon Fiddes, BA, Quality Assurance Supervisor
Melissa Gilleland, Survey Program Coordinator
Roméo Guerra, MA, Assistant Program Manager
Sara Harwood, Quality Assurance Supervisor
Chuck Stepanek, BS, Lead Supervisor