MPH Core Curriculum

mph core curriculum

The MPH curriculum is comprised of 45 total credit hours that includes: 21 credit hours of core course work, 12-13 credit hours of concentration course work, 5-6 credit hours of electives and 6 credit hours of service learning/capstone experience.

The core curriculum required of all MPH students is: 

CPH 500 Foundations in Public Health 3 cr hrs 
CPH 501 Health Behavior  3 cr hrs  
CPH 502 Health Services Administration  3 cr hrs 
CPH 503 Public Health, Environment, & Society 3 cr hrs 
CPH 504
CPH 621
Epidemiology in Public Health

Fundamentals of Epidemiology*
*Required for Epidemiology concentration students
3 cr hrs 

3 cr hrs
CPH 505
CPH 517
Applied Research in Public Health

Design of Medical Health Studies*
*Required for Biostatics concentration students
3 cr hrs

3 cr hrs
CPH 506
CPH 516
Biostatistics I

Biostatistical Methods I (Calculus-based)*
*Required for Biostatics concentration students
3 cr hrs

3 cr hrs

Concentration Courses: 12 credit hours
Electives: 5-6 credit hours
Service learning/capstone experience: 6 credit hours


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