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Fall 2013 cover

Fall 2013
Biomedical Informatics: A numbers game to improve health

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Spring 2013
UNMC's Scientist Laureate determined to stop pancreatic cancer

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Fall 2012
UNMC's research stretches around the world

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Spring 2012
UNMC’s 2011 scientist laureate tackles Pancreatic cancer

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Discover fall 2011

Fall 2011
UNMC’s AIDS A-team

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Discover Spring 2011 cover

Spring 2011
UNMC's Scientist Laureate Unlocks Genetic Mysteries

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Discover Winter 2010 cover

Winter 2010
From Coins to Cancer

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Discover Spring 2010 cover

Spring 2010
The 2009 Scientist Laureate of UNMC

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Discover Fall 2009 cover

Fall 2009
Cultivating Research Funding Growth

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Discover Spring 2009 cover

Spring 2009
A New Tower of Hope

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Fall 2008 cover

Targeted delivery to ailing bones

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Spring 2008 cover

Spring 2008
Beating breast cancer

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Winter 2007 cover

Winter 2007
Distinguished scientists 2006

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Fall 2007 cover

Fall 2007
Miniature surgical robots explore the inner human body

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Fall 2006 cover

UNMC's master planner 

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Fall 2005 cover

Advancing Education

Summer 2004 cover

The gifts of Chuck Durham and others make the Durham Research Center a reality

Fall 2003 cover

UNMC among nation's leaders in bioterrorism preparedness

Spring 2002 cover

A new direction in transplantation

Winter 2001 cover

Looking into the future of surgery

Winter 2000 cover

When the beat goes wrong...
Breakthroughs in cardiovascular research

Summer 2000 cover

Flowering fungi: friend or foe?

Fall 1999 cover

The birth of invention

Spring 1999 cover

The power within
Unleashing life's most basic cells