UNMC Discover Magazine
Fall 2007


Miniature surgical robots explore the inner human body




    Cover Story


Space-age engineering transforms surgery

University of Nebraska collaboration launches new surgical tools.






Proteins and tigers and hormones! Oh my!

Researcher's quest to purify proteins may impact a $36 billion-a-year industry.


-Bedows on saving tigers
-Bedows on purifying protein



Toxins slow molecular garbage sweepers!

MERIT scientist unlocks secrets of cilia.




Traversing a tightrope of treatment

Physician researches risks of post-transplant drugs.




Omaha's "CSI" unlocks hidden clues

DNA lab helps put criminals behind bars.




Gold standard care for what price?

Study compares top treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.




Rheumatoid arthritis registry fills important niche

A registry created by Nebraska researchers offers insight into male arthritis.




Construction, research growth continue

A message from UNMC Vice Chancell for Research,
Tom Rosenquist, Ph.D.




Under the Microscope

Researchers collect data on tiniest patients