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Fall 2008


Targeted delivery to ailing bones


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Targeted delivery

New system taxis drugs to ailing bones



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Tom Rosenquist

Success against the odds

A message from UNMC Vice Chancellor for Research,
Tom Rosenquist, Ph.D.


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Lotus leaf

Lotus leaf and fake diamonds lead to better orthopaedic implants

New coating makes implants more durable


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Gears in head

Apathy – why should you care?

Drug jolts people to care about their chronic illness


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Plant in hands

Growing our own

UNMC researchers mentor junior investigators


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The care connection

Nursing study examines new model of care for chronic disease


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Determined to make earlier diagnosis a reality

Pancreatic cancer eludes detection – but not for long


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Susan Swindells

Under the Microscope

Clinical researcher co-authors largest study on HIV drugs


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