UNMC Discover Magazine
Spring 2008


Beating breast cancer



    Cover Story

Beating Breast Cancer

UNMC builds it breast cancer program in research, education, screening and treatment. Also learn about UNMC's new Breast Cancer Collaborative Registry.


-Dr. Ken Cowan on battling breast cancer



Celebrating research excellence

A message from UNMC Vice Chancellor for Research,
Tom Rosenquist, Ph.D.


-Dr. Zucker on healing effects for heart failure.
-Dr. Rosenquist on 2007 Distinguished Scientists.
-Meet distinguished scientist Iqbal Ahmad, M.D.
-Distinguished Scientists Drs. Johnson and Wheelock


The scientist's scientist

UNMC 2007 Scientist Laureate Irving Zucker, Ph.D., is getting to the heart of the world's no. 1 killer. Meet UNMC's other distinguished scientists.


Breath Easy

Intubation made easy with new devices.


Mighty Mouse designed to study hepatitis C

Mouse with human liver helps scientists around the world.


Eating to Live

Feeding disorder experts give parents new hope.


Visionary Research

Adult stem cells in the eye hold promise for macular degeneration.


Under the Microscope

Targeting tumors with pinpoint accuracy.


Research round-the-clock

New facility allows researchers to study the function of genes and their ability to affect specific biological responses.