Eye Institute - Video/Soundbites


Watch the groundbreaking ceremony (.rm, 35:24 mins) 


Stanley Truhlsen, M.D.

“Increase in clinical research” (22 sec)
“With the new research building we’ll be able to increase clinical research. We’ll have an adjacent surgical pavilion which we’ll be able to do our surgery right there. It will be very rewarding for our teaching staff, as well as our resident staff to go into this shiny new bldg and carry on their mission.”

“Great future” (6 sec)
“We’re looking forward to a great future for the eye institute and University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine.” 

Thomas Hejkal, M.D., chairman, UNMC Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

“Bringing clinical research to patients” (17 sec)
“We’re currently limited in our ability to bring those research breakthroughs to our patients because of our very outdated, inadequate clinical facilities. What this is going to do is allow us to bring some of those research advances to our patients in the form of clinical studies.”

“Attracting the best eye care physicians from around the country” (13 sec)
“One of the big initiatives there will be to have tremendous clinical research facilities integrated with our patient care facilities which will attract some of the best subspecialty eye care physicians around the country.”