Web & Social Media


The Office of Public Relations oversees the overall presentation, brand standards, and content of UNMC websites. In coordination with Learning Environment and Internet Services in ITS, we also provide consultation, training, and access to our content management system.

Public Relations offers training and consultation in best practices for web architecture conceptualization and development, web copywriting, search engine optimization and UNMC web brand compliance.

If you have questions about UNMC's websites, please contact Associate Director Stacie Hamel at 402.559.6668.

Social Media

UNMC’s social media channels are another way for you to connect with us. You can find UNMC on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and YouTube.  We strive to be a trusted resource of useful and interesting information through stories, photos and videos not just from our organization, but from other health sources as well, including you.  

If you are considering creating a new social media page, please contact Stacie Hamel or Stephanie Montgomery before your page goes live. They are your best resource for social media strategy and best practices.