Regenerative Medicine Faculty


Regenerative Medicine: Multidisciplinary Collaborators stretching from the Bench to the Bedside

The faculty for The Regenerative Medicine Program are comprised of investigators located throughout the UNMC campus. These Researchers and Physicians make an impact every day in the area of regenerative medicine. They are found in multiple departments with different focuses, techniques, and methods, all working towards the same goal – providing hope where once there was none. Our scientists represent an award-winning group of experts examining regeneration in bones, hearts, and eyes – just about anywhere in the body you can think of. They also represent all phases of science, from the basics of how regeneration works from a cellular level, to how regeneration can play a role in clinical care.

Our Director, Dr. Nora Sarvetnick, works on the pancreas, one of the most difficult and delicate organs to work with – for a pancreatic transplant, patients require two pancreatic donors to replace one damaged pancreas, as the cells are that fragile. If we can discover ways to regenerate pancreatic cells, not only will this provide therapy for Type I and II diabetic patients worldwide, those with pancreatic cancer may have a greater chance at survival. Click on the focus areas listed on the left column of this page to read about the faculty working in different areas of regenerative medicine, and learn more about the scientific work they do.