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Regenerative Medicine 2014 Seminar Series

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Regenerative Medicine 2013 Seminar Series

January 24th – Michelle Battle from Medical College of Wisconsin
"Regulation of Intestinal Development and Function by GATA Factors"

February 12th – Xiaofeng Cui from Scripps Research Institute
"Micro-Engineering in Tissue Repair and Regeneration"

March 14th  Judy Shizuru from Stanford University
"Transplantation of Blood Forming Stem Cells: From Bench to Bedside"

May 7th  Michael J. Gerdes from GE Global Research Center
"Explorations in Cellular Plasticity"

May 16th  – Jennifer Bailey from John Hopkins University
"Some of these things are not like the others: Cellular Heterogeneity in Pancreatic Regeneration and Cancer"

June 25th – Elizabeth Loboa from North Carolina State University
"Biomimetic Forces and FIbers for Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering Applications"

September 19th – Junling Jia from Carnegie Institute/Howard Hughes Medical Institute

October 22nd – Mark Sussman from San Diego State University

We will periodically be bringing in experts within the field of Regenerative Medicine for all audiences.  All seminars will be posted on the UNMC Calendar.  Please reference the below link. Continue to watch this page for upcoming announcements.