Infectious Disease


Three decades ago, not one of the five people in this story had ever heard of the University of Nebraska Medical Center or each other. They had only one thing in common — a future that would be impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  But today they work together at UNMC — four scientists and a patient — for a better treatment, perhaps even a cure, for the deadly AIDS virus. It’s translational research at its best.  HIV was described by the Centers for Disease Control for the first time 30 years ago. Since then, the catastrophic pandemic has infected more than 60 million people worldwide and killed at least half that number. About one million people in the United States now have HIV.  What’s significant is that in a state where only 2,000 people live with HIV, UNMC is the home to a brain trust of internationally known AIDS researchers. 






Enchanted by Cell Death
Ken Bayles Studies Staph Infections

Dr. Bayles, associate professor in pathology/microbiology at UNMC, is one of four research scientists who comprise UNMC’s "Staph Dream Team," a powerhouse of basic science and clinical experts that includes microbiologist Paul Fey, Ph.D., and physicians Steven Hinrichs and Mark Rupp. 

Read about the Staph Team's breakthrough work.  "Enchanted by Cell Death"

CSR Team Fights MRSA

Dr. Ken Bayles discusses the Center for Staph Research (CSR) team in this UNMC video