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Recent Publications and Papers

Copies of the following publications and papers are available upon request. Please send an email to Fran Neff of the Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research.

“The AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture: A Tool to Plan and Evaluate Patient Safety Programs”

Authors: Katherine J. Jones, Anne Skinner, Liyan Xu, Jeff Sun, and Keith Mueller.

Advances in Patient Safety: New Directions and Alternative Approaches. (In press).


“Specialist Physicians’ Knowledge and Beliefs about Telemedicine: A Comparison of Users and Non-Users of the Technology”

Authors: PL Barton, AG Brega, PA DeVore, K Mueller, et al.

Telemedicine and e-Health. (In press).


“The Impact of Medicare’s Prospective Payment System on Staffing of Long Term Acute Care Hospitals: The early Evidence”

Author: Preethy Nayar

Health Care Management Review, 33(3), 264-273. 2008.


“New Long Term Care Hospitals’ Performance under PPS”

Authors: MJ McCue and Preethy Nayar

Hospital Topics. 86(3), 3-10. 2008.


“Data Envelopment Analysis Comparison of Hospital Efficiency and Quality”

Authors: Preethy Nayar and Y.A. Ozcan

Journal of Medical Systems, 32(3), 193-199. 2008.


“Uninsured Hospitalizations: Rural and Urban Differences”

Authors: Wanqing Zhang, Li-Wu Chen, and Keith Mueller

Journal of Rural Health, 24, 194-202. 2008.


“Evaluating the Social and Economic Impact of Community-Based Prenatal Care”

Authors: Mary E. Cramer, Li-Wu Chen, Sara Roberts, and D. Clute.

Public Health Nursing, 24, 329-336. 2007.


"The Role of Rural Health Clinics in Hospitalization due to Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions:  A Study in Nebraska."

Authors: Wanqing Zhang, Li-Wu Chen, Keith J. Mueller, and K. Conway.

Journal of Rural Health, 22, 220-223. 2006.

"The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: A Model for Competition in Rural America?"
Authors: Keith J. Mueller, Timothy D. McBride, Courtney Andrews, Roslyn Fraser, BA and Liyan Xu, MS

Journal of Rural Health, 21(2):105-113.

"Translating Research into Practice: Voluntary Reporting of Medication Errors in Critical Access Hospitals."
Authors: Katherine J. Jones, Keith J. Mueller, Rodney W. Hicks and Gary Cochran
Journal of Rural Health, 20(4):335-343. 2004

"Predictive Model to Determine Need for Nursing Workforce."
Authors: Mary E. Cramer, Li-Wu Chen, Keith J. Mueller, Michael Shambaugh-Miller and Sangeeta Agriwal
Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice, 5(3):174-195. 2004.

"The Economies of Scale for Nursing Home Care."
Authors: Li-Wu Chen and Dennis G. Shea
Medical Care Research & Review, 61(1):38-63. 2004.

"Comprehensive Evaluation of a Community Coalition: A Cast Study of ETS Reduction."
Authors: Mary E. Cramer, Keith J. Mueller and Dianne Harrop
Public Health Nursing, 20(6):464-477. 2003

"Evaluation Informs Coalition Programming for Environmental Tobacco Smoke Reduction."
Authors: Mary E. Cramer, Keith J. Mueller and Dianne Harrop
Journal of Community Health Nursing, 20(4):245-258. 2003

"A Method for Identifying Places in Rural America at Risk of Not Being Able to Support Adequate Health Services."
Authors: Julie A. Stoner, Michael Shambaugh-Miller, Keith J. Mueller, Louis G. Pol and Woodrow Lucas
Journal of Rural Health, 19(4):31-41. 2003

"New Policy Ideas for Rural Health Care Delivery: Presentations Before a Congressional Committee."
Authors: Kathleen Dalton, Keith J. Mueller and Curt Mueller
Journal of Rural Health, 18(2):278-281. 2002.

"Do Prospective Payments Really Contain Nursing Home Costs?"
Authors: Li-Wu Chen and Dennis G. Shea
Health Services Research, 37(2):251-271. 2002.

"Effects of Medicare Payment on Rural Health Care Systems."
Authors: Timothy D. McBride and Keith J. Mueller
Journal of Rural Health, 18(S):174-163. 2002 (Supplemental).

"Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health Insurance for the Near Elderly."
Authors: Louis G. Pol, Keith J. Mueller and Phani Tej Adidam
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 13(2):229-240. 2002.

"Medicare+Choice Experiences in Rural Areas."
Authors: Keith J. Mueller, Brandi Shay, Jami Fletcher and Timothy D. McBride
Journal of Rural Health, 17(2):87-90. 2001.

"Barriers to Health Care for Minorities in Rural Meat Processing Communities."
Authors: Joseph Blankenau, Joni Boye-Beaman and Keith J. Mueller
Great Plains Research, 10(2):275-294. 2001.

"Geographic Variation in Determinants of Medicare Managed Care Enrollment."
Authors: Joan D. Penrod, Timothy D. McBride and Keith J. Mueller
Health Services Research, 36(4):733-750. 2001.

"Balanced Budget Act Legislation and Rural Health: Chance and Consequences."
Author: Keith J. Mueller.
Texas Journal of Rural Health, 18(2): 8-16. 2000.

"The Changing Landscape of Health Care Financing and Delivery: How Are Rural Communities and Providers Responding?"
Authors: Keith Mueller, Andrew Coburn, Robert Crittenden, J. Patrick Hart, Timothy McBride and Wayne Myers.
Milbank Quarterly, 77(4). 1999.

"Losing and Acquiring Health Insurance: Consequences for Health Care."
Authors: John Comer, Keith Mueller and Joseph Blankenau.
Journal of Health & Social Policy, 11(3). 2000.

"Tracking the Response to the Balanced Budget Act of 1997: Impact on Medicare Managed Care Enrollment in Rural Counties."
Authors: Keith J. Mueller and Timothy D. McBride.
Journal of Rural Health, 15(1). Winter, 1998.

"Building a Research Agenda: Being Responsive to the Needs of Community and Migrant Health Centers."
Authors: Keith Mueller, Thomas Curtin, Daniel Hawkins, Donna Wiliams and Bonnie Lefkowitz.
Journal of Rural Health, 14( 5). Fall, 1998.

"Causes of Fatalities in Older Farmers vs. Perception of Risk."
Authors: Douglas Fiedler, Susanna Von Essen, David Morgan, Robert Grisso, Keith Mueller and Catherine Eberle.
Journal of Agromedicine, 5(3). 1998.

Health Status and Access to Care Among Rural Minorities."
Authors: Keith Mueller, Suzanne Ortega, Keith Parker, Kashinath Patil and Ahuva Askenazi.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 10(2). 1999.

"Effects of Post-hospital Informal Care on Nursing Home Discharge."
Authors: J.D. Penrod, R.A. Kane and R.L. Kane.
Research on Aging, 22(1): 66-82. 2000.

"The Role of Uninsurance and Race in Health Care Utilization by Rural Minorities."
Authors: Keith Mueller, Kashinath Patil and Eugene Boilesen.
Health Services Research, 33(3): 597-610. 1998.

"Effects of Post Hospital Medicare Home Health and Informal Care on Patient Functional Status."
Authors: J.D. Penrod, R.L. Kane, M.D. Finch and R.A. Kane.
Health Services Research, 33(3): 513-529. 1998.

"Volatility in Medicare AAPCC Rates: 1990-1997."
Authors: Tim McBride, Joan Penrod and Keith Mueller.
Health Affairs, 16(5). October, 1997.

"Lengthening Spells of Uninsurance and their Consequences."
Authors: Keith Mueller, Kashinath Patil and Fred Ullrich.
The Journal of Rural Health, 13(1). Winter, 1997.

"1996: Health Information Project: Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions, 1994-1995." Author: Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research, University of Nebraska Medical Center. December, 1996.

"Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes: Variations of Crash Characteristics Within Rural Regions of Different Population Densities."
Authors: R.L. Muelleman and K.J. Mueller.
The Journal of Trauma, 41(3). August, 1996.

"Predictions of County Uninsured Rates: Accuracy and Stability."
Authors: James R. Schmidt and Jerome Deichert.
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 7(2). 1996.

"Legislative and Policy Strategies for Supporting Rural Health Network Development: Lessons from the 103rd Congress."
Authors: Andrew F. Coburn and Keith Mueller.
The Journal of Rural Health, 11(1). Winter, 1995.

"Who Cares? The Size, Scope, and Composition of the Caregiver Support System."
Authors: J.D. Penrod, R.A. Kane, R.L. Kane and M.D. Finch.
The Gerontologist, 35:4. 1995.

"Health Insurance Status and Ill Health: Implications for Health Professionals."
Authors: Suzanne Ortega, Keith Mueller and Martha Metroka.
Journal of Nursing Care Quality 10:1. October, 1995.

"Access to Health Care: Urban-Rural Comparison from a Midwest Agricultural State."
Authors: John Comer and Keith Mueller.
The Journal of Rural Health. 1995.


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