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Assessment of Potential Uses of and Needs for
Telehealth Services in Rural Nebraska

January 2001

Maps Appendices

Due to resolution problems with web versions of the maps, contact the Nebraska Center for Rural Health Research at (402) 559-5260, or by email at, to receive clear, printed copies of the maps.


A-1. Largest Telecommunication Connection in Service - December, 2000

A-2. Hospitals in Nebraska

A-3. Nursing Homes in Nebraska

A-4. Mental Health Centers in Nebraska

A-5. Physicians in Nebraska

A-6. Primary Care Physicians in Nebraska

A-7. Family & General Physicians in Nebraska

A-8. Internal Medicine Physicians in Nebraska

A-9. Pediatricians in Nebraska

A-10. Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Nebraska

A-11. Radiologists in Nebraska

A-12. Oncologists in Nebraska

A-13. Psychiatrists in Nebraska


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