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Projects and Special Reports


"A Critical Match": Nebraska's Health Workforce Planning Project Final Report

Authors: Keith Mueller, Ph.D., Preethy Nayar, Ph.D., Kelly Shaw-Sutherland, M.P.A., Anh Nguyen, M.S.P.H., Liyan Xu, M.S., Nicole Vanosdel, M.A., Daniel Hummel, M.P.A.

September 2009

PR 07-07
"An Assessment of Emergency Care for Children in Nebraska"
Authors: Michelle Mason, M.A. Michael Shambaugh-Miller, Ph.D. Liyan Xu, M.S. Kelly Shaw-Sutherland. B.S.
February 2007

Appendix A: Location of Acute Care Hospitals in Nebraska

Appendix B: Sample of ED Survey

Appendix C: Location of Hospitals to Which Pediatric Patients Are Most Likely to Be Transferred

Appendix D: Location of EMS Services in Nebraska

Appendix E: Sample of EMS Services Survey

Appendix F: Location of EMS Training Agencies in Nebraska

Appendix G: Sample of Training Agency Survey

PR 06-08
"Implementing a Program of Patient Safety in Small Rural Hospitals: Findings and Trends in Medication Error Reporting from 25 Critical Access Hospitals"
Author: Katherine Jones, Ph.D., P.T., Anne Skinner, B.S., Catherine Leo, B.A., and Gary Cochran, Pharm.D., S.M.
October 2006

PR 06-06   
An Assessment of Acute Stroke Treatment in Nebraska Hospitals"
Author: Katherine Jones, Ph.D., P.T., Michelle Mason, M.A., Michael Shambaugh-Miller, Ph.D. and Liyan Xu, M.S.
July 2006

PR 06-05   
"Nebraska Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant Program Evaluation Report"
Author: Keith Mueller, Ph.D.
July 2006

PR 04-24
"Emergency Medical Service Volunteer Personnel in Nebraska: Workforce of the Present, Hope for the Future?"
Authors: Fred Ullrich, Keith Mueller, Ph.D. and Michael Shambaugh-Miller, Ph.D.
December 2004

PR 02-1
"A Report to the Nebraska Critical Access Hospital Steering Committee: Findings from Hospital Site Visits"
Authors: Li-Wu Chen, Ph.D. and Keith Mueller, Ph.D.
March 2002

PR 01-6
"Current Issues and New Approaches: The EMS Survey in Nebraska"
Authors: Keith Mueller, Ph.D., Wanqing Zhang, M.Ed. and Woodrow Lucas
October 2001

PR 01-1
"Assessment of Potential Uses of and Needs for Telehealth Services in Rural Nebraska"


Research Design
Annotated Bibliography

Authors: Alan Diener, Ph.D., Keith J. Mueller, Ph.D. and Jami Fletcher
January 2001

PR 00-2
"A Report to Nebraska Critical Access Hospital Steering Committee: Findings from CAH Site Visits"
Authors: Keith J. Mueller, Ph.D. and Li-Wu Chen, Ph.D.
November 2000

PR 98-2
"Rural Health Networks: Introspective Analysis"
Authors: Keith J. Mueller, Ph.D. and Brandi L. Shay
October 1998

PR 98-1
"Rural and Urban Definitions: Alternatives and Numbers by State"
Authors: Wanqing Zhang, M.Ed., Angella Bowman, M.A. and Keith Mueller Ph.D.
October 1998


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