Faculty Advisory Board

The SHARING Clinics are run by both a student and faculty Board. The SHARING Clinics greatly appreciate the faculty/community advisors for their support and guidance. The SHARING Clinic Board members would also like to thank the Nebraska Medical Center laboratories, and radiology departments for their services.


President Ulrike (Ricki) Otten, School of Allied Health Professions
Vice President Kristen Cook, College of Pharmacy
Treasurer Paul Paulman, College of Medicine
Secretary Julie Oestreich, College of Pharmacy 
Immediate Past President Rebecca Anderson, College of Public Health

Board Members:

Rebecca Anderson, College of Public Health

David Brown, College of Dentistry, Dental Clinic Medical Director

Kristen Cook, College of Pharmacy

Diana Do, College of Medicine - Ophthalmology

Jenenne Geske, Research Committee Chair

William Hay, College of Medicine, GOODLIFE Clinic Director, Education Committee Chair

Kathy Hoffman, College of Nursing, RESPECT Clinic Director

Kris Lausterer, School of Allied Health - Physical Therapy

Sue McLaughlin, School of Allied Health - Medical Nutrition Education

Jim Medder, Quality Committee Chair, Clinic Operations Committee Chair, SHARING Clinic Medical Director

Kathy Morris, College of Nursing

Julie Oestreich, College of Pharmacy

Ulrike (Ricki) Otten, School of Allied Health – Clinical Laboratory Science

Audrey Paulman, College of Medicine, Fundraising Committee Chair

Bill Roccaforte, College of Medicine Psychiatry

Patty Scholting, School of Allied Health – Physician Assistant

Student Representatives:
Stephanie England, SHARING Student Co-President
Drew Dickson, SHARING Student Co-President

Ex-Officio Board Members/Advisors:
Jeffrey Miller, Business & Finance
Keith Swarts, Business & Finance
Patty Sherman , NU Foundation, Non-voting Advancement Board and Fundraising Committee Member
Alumni Relations Office Staff

Alumni Office Staff:
Roxanna Jokela, Director
Catherine Mello, Associate Director
Stephanie Krebs, Membership/Data Coordinator
Steve Byrne, Financial Business Manager
April Elker, Office Associate

Past Presidents:
Kate Fiandt
Jim Medder
Paul Paulman
Bruce Lovejoy
Mark Christiansen
Audrey Paulman
William Hay
Rebecca Anderson