Faculty Providers

The following providers volunteer their time regularly to supervise students at the clinics. Their role in guiding diagnoses and treatment plans, along with student education, is indispensable to operating the clinics. If you would like to be a faculty provider at the clinics, please e-mail the provider recruiter at brett.vanbriggle@unmc.edu.

Physicians/Nurse Practitioners:
Susan Beidler, APRN
Cathy Binstock, APRN
Dorota Brilz MD
Jennifer Buescher MD
James Campbell, MD
Abby Cheloha, MD
Carey Christiansen Ford, MD
Brian Finley, MD
Joyce Hall, APRN
Jennifer Hackwith, DNP
William Hay, MD
Thomas W. Hejkal, MD, PhD
Polly A. Hulme, APRN, PhD
Richard Hurd, MD
Amy Jespersen MD
Carol Lacroix, MD
Jennifer L. Larsen, MD
Bruce Lovejoy, APRN, MSN, FNP
Eyal Margalit, MD
Roger Massie MD
Jim Medder, MD, MPH
Paula Miller, APRN
Gerald Moore, MD
Kathy Morris, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, AE-C
Debra Mostek, MD
Devin Nickol, MD
James O'Dell, MD
Audrey Paulman, MD
Paul M. Paulman, MD
Jane F. Potter, M.D.
Bill Roccaforte, PhD
Debra Romberger, MD
Daniel Schafer, MD
Jason F Shiffermiller, MD
Susan Schwerdtfeger, MD
Vijay Shivaswamy, MBBS
Majorie Shreve, MD
John L Smith, MD
Family Medicine Residents

Mark Cave, RPh
Kristen Cook, Pharm D
Jennifer Cowley, Pharm D BCPS
Ruth Ecker, RPh
John E. Ridgway, RP
Emily Sexson, Pharm D
Lisa K. Worrall, Pharm D, BCPS
Julie Oestreich, PhD

Physical Therapy
Laura D. Bilek, PT, PhD
Robert H Fuchs, PT, MA, ATP, CSCS
Grace C. Johnson, PT, MS, OCS
Gregory M. Karst, PhD, PT
Kate Kuester, PT
Kris Lausterer, PT
Kathleen Volkman, PT, MS
Gilbert M. Willett, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS