Resources and Equipment Available

Multiple Laerdal SimMan High-fidelity simulators including the SimBaby, SimMan and SimMan 3G:

  • Can breathe, bleed, urinate and speak
  • Anatomically correct throat area for intubation
  • Tongue edema; Radial, carotid, popliteal, dorsalis pedis, brachial and femoral pulses
  • Eyes react to light source
  • Can Convulse
  • Can be programmed to represent any disease or condition
  • Programmable to react to treatment given by student

Other Simulators and Models:

  • Arterial puncture arm and wrist
  • Arterial Blood Gas trainer
  • Blue Phantom Central Vascular Insertion/Ultrasound trainer
  • Blue Phantom Paracentesis Ultrasound trainer
  • Blue Phantom Thoracentesis Ultrasound trainer
  • Cardionics Heart/lung Sound trainer
  • Ear exam model
  • Elbow model for joint injection
  • Eye exam models
  • Foley Catheter manikins
  • Gaumard Noelle Birthing simulator, can give breech and normal deliveries
  • Gaumard Neonate Baby Hal high fidelity simulator
  • IV Arms
  • Knee aspiration model
  • Laerdal BabySim high fidelity simulator
  • Laerdal Difficult Airway Manikin
  • Laerdal SimMan high fidelity simulators
  • Laerdal SimMan 3G high fidelity simulators
  • Laerdal VitalSim male and female simulators
  • Lumbar Puncture models
  • METI Emergency Care high fidelity simulator
  • Mindray DP-6600 Ultrasound unit
  • Sam Ausculation trainer
  • Simbionix Endoscopy VR trainer
  • Zoll Defibrillator