Reservation Guidelines and Information

The following guidelines are for requesting the Clinical Simulation Lab (CSL) and B-Line System resources and for ensuring that your encounter is properly prepared the day of the event.

Schedule Early – For classroom use, we need at least 2 weeks notice. All exercises MUST BE SUBMITTED USING THE COMPLETED CSL RESERVATION FORM either through email or fax . The Room Reservation form  is available as a pdf file.

For B-Line audio/video recording, the exam flows are extremely specific, and therefore cannot be altered on the fly. We recommend that the exam flow be the essential building block in your encounter planning.

Please submit a room reservation request to  A SCSL reservation form must be completed and emailed to for each encounter. The receipt and acknowledgment of this form generates a reservation on the Center schedule and begins the process of preparing for your encounter by SCSL personnel.

The SCSL must receive all necessary information for a event that is to be recorded or electronic checklists used (Bline) MUST be submitted SIX WEEKS PRIOR to the event in the case of a new exam flow.

This information includes:

  • Date(s) and time(s)
  • Course director, faculty, standardized patients and students must all be identified, including whether or not they will be using their Lotus Notes accounts for entry.
  • Exam flow selected or articulated
  • Door notes and checklists ready for data entry
  • Any special requirements (e.g. use of the Ready Room, special equipment, office supplies, medical supplies, etc.)

When running a large number of participants through any encounter, please overestimate the time required for the event for planning purposes.

Please note that rooms other than the 16 examination rooms, two simulation rooms and the hospital lab are not open for encounter use.

If the students or other entities involved in your encounter have Lotus Notes accounts at UNMC, we will need their First Name, Last Name and username for access (unless they have already been loaded into the B-Line database).

Please have students and other entities involved in your encounter test their Lotus Notes accounts prior to the event, and remind them not to change passwords less than three days prior to the event.

If the students or other entities involved in your encounter do not have Lotus Notes accounts at UNMC, please allow time for us to generate accounts for them.

If your encounter is scheduled after hours, please check with Security about building entry for your standardized patients.

Please email completed forms to  

Questions about your encounter should be directed to Patricia Carstens, Lab Director -

Call 402-559-9146

Room Reservation Questions can be submitted to:

If you need immediate Room Reservation assistance, please call 402-559-2969

Regular hours of operation:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(Hours may vary depending on scheduled activities)