Contract Forms

SPAdmin Contract Questionnaire The PI should complete and submit the questionnaire to the Grants and Contract Specialist before review and negotiation begin. The questionnaire helps SPAdmin understand the nature of your work and allows us to negotiate the best possible contract on your behalf.

SPAdmin asks that PIs complete the questionnaire themselves. Inaccurate information supplied on the form can cause problems during negotiation. 

Disclosure Form To avoid delays in negotiation, SPAdmin encourages PIs to submit the required Disclosure Form early. The information supplied on the form may trigger the need for a Permission to Engage in Outside Activities form per UNMC Board of Regents Policy #1049. Permission to Engage in Outside Activities may require Board of Regents approval, depending on disclosures.  UNMC Outside Employment and Permission to Engage Form (UNMC Outside Employment Policy 1049

Advance Account Form  (Guidelines Included)  PIs may want to establish an account before the actual start date of the project. Advance Accounts are appropriate when start-up costs occur prior to the contract being signed by all parties. For example, a project may be time-sensitive (i.e. Seasonal Affective Disorder) or involve a lengthy hiring process. In such cases, PIs may request an Advance Account.