Roles & Responsibilities

Contract Roles and Responsibilities

  • Negotiate contract language
  • Negotiate budget
  • Begin IRB approval process

Role of PI     


  • Inform SPA of new contracts
  • Complete the SPA Contract Questionnaire prior to SPA initiation or negotiations

After Contract is finalized:

  • Review and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Sign contract
  • Maintain confidentiality of contract and protocol as required by contract agreement (ongoing)
  • Educate project staff as to their obligations (e.g. intellectual property, confidentiality)
  • Forward study protocol to SPA

Role of Department

  • Prepare and route internal forms to PI, departmental chair, dean/director and SPA (as appropriate) for review and signature
  • Prepare close out forms at project's completion
  • Route appropriate documents through departmental chair, dean/director and SPA

Role of Departmental Chair

  • Review internal budget for cost share and effort
  • Sign internal budget
  • Review terms and conditions of the contract

Role of Dean/Director

  • Sign internal budget
  • Endorse faculty effort and science

Role of SPA

  • Negotiate contract language with sponsor
  • Identify and resolve conflict of interest issues
  • Advise PI of rights and obligations
  • Protect UNMC against financial and legal liability