Industry Contracts


SPAdmin Negotiation Process

When a contract is initiated, either the PI or the sponsor contacts SPA to begin the negotiation process. The contract process works in parallel. SPA is responsible for negotiating the contract language. While SPA negotiates the language, PIs negotiate the budget and, if applicable, begin the IRB approval process. 

  • Negotiate contract language
  • Negotiate budget
  • Begin IRB approval process

To review and negotiate the contract, SPA needs:

  • SPA Contract Questionnaire
  • Copy of protocol or workscope
  • Editable version (e.g., MS Word) of the contract
  • Contact information for sponsor's negotiator (name, email, phone) 

Presentation:  How to Get Your Clinical Trial Agreement Finalized Faster (October 13, 2011) - Q&A transcript

Journal article:  “Understanding Clinical Trial Budgets,” Carol McAlister and Virginia M. Bruce, Clinical Researcher 2003.